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15 Books on Artificial Intelligence You can read

We’ve been seeing business leaders and technologists take an increasing interest in artificial intelligence this year. Most organizations incorporate artificial intelligence into their workflows and undertakings. Many businesses are transforming their industries with AI applications that not only bring about change but also bring in different types of customers

Countries like China apply AI in various ways that alter their societal structure. Yet, in the midst of this “conversation” about how to incorporate AI for the good of humanity, the western world still is in between.

All are confused about what AI can do, what AI should do and how AI can help us. Holidays are a time of great contemplation, in general. I always like to inspire debates in my mind in my thoughts by reading some great books. I am collecting a few Artificial Intelligence books to read this year

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Life 3.0 — Max Tegmark

This is an authoritative book which will inspire you to join the AI Age conversation. This addresses some controversial issues and takes you through many of the bigger issues like superintelligence, reality, awareness, physical limitations, etc.. The book also addresses issues relating to culture and automation.



Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies — Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom, a Swedish born philosopher and polymath, uses his expertise in cognitive neuroscience and AI to provide an impressive study of the future of AI. He’s all about guiding the course and navigating this unknown area. Both Bill Gates and Elon Musk have recommended this book.


Human Compatible — Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control — Stuart Russell

This is Stuart Russell’s groundbreaking book, the AI researcher explains some of the near term benefits of AI and AI misuses. He is also advocating to rebuild AI on a new foundation where machines can be designed for our interests and humanity. It is a truth-based novel, and an ambitious, empathetic perspective on greatest journey of our humanity in the AI Era.


Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach — Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig

The book is the bible of the AI. It’s a detailed AI lesson everybody who works in the AI sector can learn. This clearly explains everything in depth concerning AI. You’ll certainly discover something new in each chapter for technologists and business leaders alike. In many University AI courses it is used as a textbook.


How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought — Ray Kurzweil

If there is one book you’d like to read this holiday, it’s that novel. It is one of the year’s widely debated science books. Ray Kurzweil explains how the brain works, how the mind develops from our brain, and how our intellect has its strength. He also explores intellect in moral and emotional terms. He takes you on a journey to “reverse engineer the brain to understand exactly how it works, and to use this knowledge to create even smarter machines.”


The Singularity is Near — Ray Kurzweil

One of the leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, is Ray Kurzweil. The Wall Street Journal had dubbed him the “restless genius.” Many AI circle technologists read this book and his other work: The Spiritual Computer Era. He’s pointing at one of the things we’re all “fearing” about: singularity. He’s looking at the implications of human and machine union


Heartificial Empathy: Putting Heart into Business and Artificial Intelligence — Minter Dial

Minter Dial explores the role of empathy in artificial intelligence, masterfully. He sees empathy as a rare commodity and talent which could potentially change the modern workplace. He takes us on a journey to examine empathy from the heart and its place in our modern workplace. He takes us on a thought-provoking exploration to harness the power of “empathy” to build healthy, ethical and profitable businesses.


The Sentient Machine — Amir Husain

Amir Husain, a brilliant inventor and computer scientist, takes us on a journey through this book that asks us about our societal norms and “good life” assumptions. He implies that AI’s age is the dawning of a new type of intellectual diversity and how we can embrace it.


The Society of Mind — Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky is one of the computer science fathers and a co-founderof MIT’s AI Laboratory. In this book he describes the mind as a “society” of small components. In this book he discusses a unified theory of the mind. This book will serve as a guide to anyone in the Age of AI exploring intelligence and the mind.


The Emotion Machine — Marvin Minsky

Marvin Minsky is proposing a fascinating new concept of how our brains actually work. He believes that machines can be designed to be as conscious as we are, and aid us in our cycle of thought. He introduces emotion as another way of thinking. The “Society of Mind” is a great follow-up novel.


Applied Artificial Intelligence — Marya Yao, Adelyn Zhou, Marlene Jia

This book was chosen as the year’s Top Technology Book of CES 2018. It’s a handy guide for the business leaders. It describes what it takes for results, technology and design to be integrated to solve real-world problems. This talks about issues with the organisation, tests and solutions design. For any business leader looking to incorporate artificial intelligence into their businesses, it’s a must-read.


Architects of Intelligence: The Truth About AI from the People Building it — Martin Ford, Mike Chamberlain, Gildan Media

This Martin Ford book gathers opinions from many AI leaders to uncover some of the truths behind some of the most interesting questions in the AI Age. Listen to thoughts from the people who are the pioneers in these fields about AI analytics, AI programming, AI marketing and AI business, Robotics and more.


The Book of Why — The New Science of Cause and Effect — Judea Pearl, Dana Mackenzie

This book is a guide to thinkers and business leaders with an open mind. This explores the age-old “Correlation is not cause” and challenges us in thinking about things beyond “relationships.” It inspires you to explore, and to be open to new findings. This book illuminates the real conversation about Cause and Effect in AI’s Future in the AI sector.


Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust — Gary Marcus, Ernest Davis

This book sets AI record straight. This book says what the AI experts are thinking for CEOs and business leaders. This paints a realistic picture of what AI can do, what it can’t do, and how the long road can be followed.


Deep Medicine — How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again — Eric Topol

This is a great book that chronicles the shift that AI will bring in the healthcare industry which will make medicine human again. This year’s reading is an important book as business leaders embark on the “AI for good” research This encourages business leaders to think about implementations and use AI cases not only in the healthcare sector but in other sectors where AI can be applied to make us more “humane.”


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