Future of the mobile development resides in PWA

Future of the mobile development resides in PWA Progressive Web Apps are expected to represent technological progress and innovation in the room for mobile app growth, as different technologies continue to mount. Most significantly, these apps, unlike responsive web interfaces, are seen to combine desktop,...

How actually you can Market and Promote your App with Facebook SDK

Facebook's Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a bundle of eight tools that help enhance the features of your application, exchange in-app material with others, support the application and drive downloads, and even monetize the Facebook app with advertisements. Don't...

A start for beginners to learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

It seems like Google or Facebook releases a new kind of AI every week to make things quicker or to enhance our interaction. I started researching about Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Even with all of this happening, an accepted description of what exactly artificial...

How To Switch From Back-End to Front-End Development

It is not that easy to change from Back-End to Front-End development. I used the back-end framework where you typically construct data structures, write tests such as Test-Driven Design, use storage layers and registry, database tables, and create front-end API endpoints. The list is endless...

How Often Does Google Crawl A Site?

It's the moment of truth! Your new website is live, and you need people to visit. So you are probably asking the question, ‘how do I make Google crawl my site’? We have all seen some film where someone creates a...

How Do Google Ads Work?

How Do Google Ads Work?
You’re a new Advertiser with Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords). Excitedly, you open your shiny new Google Ad account, Slap in a few relevant keywords, create your first Ad, decide how much you want to pay, and Bob’s your uncle.

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